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Ludwik van Beethoven

Beethoven was able to go to Vienna when he was 17 and was able to play for Mozart, another famous and well-established composer, who said of him, "He will give the world something worth listening to. Beethoven had many sicknesses and as a result, lost his hearing. His personality changed a lot and he became harder to get along with. Even though he fully lost his hearing, he continued to write music. Beethoven came down with a bad cold which led to pneumonia and eventually dropsy, killing him March 26, 1827.


Beethoven was musical at a very early age. He became an assistant to the local court organist when he was only 11. Many composers were treated like employees, but Beethoven was regarded as a friend and equal by royalty.Beethoven's music is still famous today. Many recognizable songs were composed by him!

Ludwig van Beethoven


Jacob Velasquez, 5, playing one of Beethoven's sonatinas.

Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany, in 1770. He learned how to play the piano and violin from his father. He started as a musician, professionally, at the age of 11. He grew up with a difficult life, his father drinking heavily and his mother dying in 1787. He was able to find happiness while tutoring the 2 children in the von Breuning family. Their mother was kind and introduced him to many important people.


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