Ludwig Van Beethoven

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Ludwig Van Beethoven

1770- Born1783 - First Music published1787 - Moves to Vienna but returns home cause mother is dying. 1792-Returns to Vienns1800-Beethoven's first benefit concert in Vienna.1824-The Ninth Symphony and the Missa Solemnis are premiered in Vienna.1825-1826Beethoven writes what are to be his last quartets.1827- Beethoven dies in March

Born in December 16, 1770 to Johann van Beethovan and Maria Magdalena.Started associating wih music at a very young age.He was abused and forced to play music as a child by is abusive and alcoholic father.His rough childhood played a major role on his music.Music was a way out of all the problems that he had in his life.


His music is viewed as a transitional figure between the classical and romantic eras of musicsal history.He is considered as the composer to raise instrumental music to a new level of art.He wrote composed many pieces being deaf.

Lasting Impact

By him being deaf and still writing music, it shows us the a disability is not really a dis-ablility because when youre deaf and writing music, you can really do anything.


Ludwig Van Beethoven!

Biographican Info.

Ludwig V.B. - Fur Elise,,,


Beethoven Symphony No.5


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