[2015] Thomas McBeth: Lucy's Monomyth

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[2015] Thomas McBeth: Lucy's Monomyth

Lucy's Monomyth

Birth - Lucy begins by escaping the London Blitz during World War II

Call to Adventure - Her first accidental trip into the wardrobe and the meeting of Mr. Tumnus is Lucy’s personal call to adventure.

Helpers – The Beavers act as the protective helper figure for Lucy and her siblings. Later in their story, Aslan becomes another protective helper figure.

Crossing the Threshold – Narnia offers a remarkable difference from Lucy’s home world. The wardrobe acts as the threshold between the worlds where Lucy sees the difference in meeting the goat man Mr. Tumnus.

Tests – Lucy and her siblings face several tests in their adventure. They research the disappearance of Mr. Tumnus, discovering the Beavers. They run with the Beavers to escape the White Witch’s wolves. Lucy and Susan accompany Aslan at the Stone Table to repay the debt for Edmund’s life.

Helpers – Lucy is accompanied by her siblings, Peter, Susan, and Edmund, in her tests and on her journey.

Final Battle – Lucy’s last battle is the resurrection of Aslan and the rescuing of the petrified individuals at the castle of the White Witch.

Return – After years of living as a monarch alongside her siblings, Lucy returns to the ordinary world through the wardrobe on a hunting trip.

Elixir – Lucy’s elixir is her vial of healing liquid that she received from Father Christmas. She uses it to serve the army in aftermath of the battle.

Lucy Meets Mr. TumnusHarry Gregson-Williams


The Wardrobe


The Beavers

Aslan's Ressurection

Father Christmas

Monarch Siblings


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