[2015] Clayton Kirby: Lucy's Journey

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[2015] Clayton Kirby: Lucy's Journey

Into the Wardrobe: Lucy's Journey

Mr. Tumnus is turned to stone for helping Lucy

TestLucy's first test comes while she and her siblings are having dinner with the beavers. They realize that Edmund is nowhere to be found, and Mr. Beaver seems quite certain that he has gone to betray them to Jadis, which indeed he had. This causes the whole party to quickly pack up and flee the beaver's house, ahead of Jadis' pursuit. The children and beavers tramp through the snowy countryside for miles and miles, which would be quite the hard journey for a child as small as Lucy. Finally, they take refuge in one of the beaver's hidden holes, and are safe from the witch for a time.

Lucy enters the Wardrobe for the first time

Call to AdventureLucy receives her call to adventure not long after moving to the professor's house. While playing hide and seek, Lucy climbs into an ordinary looking wardrobe, not expecting it to be a magical Wardrobe, and finds herself in Narnia's snowy forests. In stumbling upon this hidden, magical land, Lucy receives her first call to adventure.

Lucy receives a gift from Father Christmas

HelpersLucy is fortunate to be surrounded by many helpers during her journey. Her first helper, and reason for her journey, is Mr. Tumnus, who protects her from the white witch on her first visit to Narnia. When she returns, she has Peter and Susan to help her, along with Mr. and Mrs. Beaver soon after. On her way to see Aslan, she receives a gift of healing elixir from Father Christmas. Aslan later helps her to find Mr. Tumnus and rescue him. All of these influences serve to provide help and support for Lucy along her hero's journey.

ReturnLucy's return is very far removed from the earlier events of her journey. She and her three other siblings are now kings and queens of Narnia, residing in Cair Paravel, after the battle Peter and Edmund led to drive Jadis' forces from the land. Lucy and the others have grown much older, experienced many things in Narnia, and have almost forgotten they ever had another home. However, one day while hunting, they follow a white stag deep into one of Narnia's forests, and stumble upon a lamp post. Lucy and the others seem to recall seeing it before, but she is the one who remembers the land of Spare-Oom. They explore farther on, and find themselves walking back through the Wardrobe, and back into their childhood bodies. Not a moment has past since they first went to Narnia.

ClimaxWhile Lucy's climax includes no fierce battle with a fantastical creature, it is most certainly extremely difficult for her. It starts when she and Susan see Aslan stealing away from their camp in the middle of the night, and decide to follow him. They do not know what is going to happen, but simply comfort him as he walks. Eventually Aslan leaves them, and goes to what he knows is his death. Lucy, along with Susan, then has to hide and watch the suffering Aslan goes through, and mourn by his side until morning. This is the part of Lucy's climax that is a trial to her. After Aslan is resurrected, Lucy and Susan ride on Aslan to the white witch's castle, and free all of the creatures she has turned to stone. Here they find Mr. Tumnus, and Aslan turns him back to normal. This completes the goal that Lucy had when she set out on her journey, that is, to repay the kindness Mr. Tumnus had shown her and rescue him.

Lucy meets Professor Digory

BirthLucy's origins no doubt replicate those of many heroes. A pseudo-orphan, her father is at war, and her mother has sent her and her siblings away from their home. Now they live with professor Digory Kirke, in a big house in the country, far from familiar London.

Crossing the ThresholdUp to this point, Lucy has not been completely committed to the adventure lying ahead of her. It is only when she finds her way back into Narnia, this time in the company of her siblings, that she is faced with crossing the point of no return. When she goes to introduce Mr. Tumnus to her family, she finds he has been taken by Jadis, and that it is because he refused to give her up. She naturally feels terrible about this, and insists that she and the others go rescue Mr. Tumnus. In this way, Lucy has accepted the adventure presented to her, and has fully crossed the threshold into the magical world.

Helpers/AmuletWhile Lucy does not receive any kind of amulet, she does receive help in form of Mr. Tumnus. This friendly faun helps ease Lucy into the world of Narnia by explaining some of its history and current events. Even though Mr. Tumnus is supposed to deliver any human to Jadis, he refuses for Lucy's sake, and guides her back to the Wardrobe and safely out of Narnia. While Lucy is expecting to come back with her siblings and see Mr. Tumnus again, he will not be able to accompany Lucy on her adventure, a common trait of the first helper.

Mr. Tumnus' Song

Maugrim chases the Pevensie children

Lucy mourns Aslan's death

Lucy returns home


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