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Best of FriendsBy Lucy Abramowitz

I know i am thoughtful because every year my friend and i help out at a food bank for people who are food insecure.

I know I am kind besause I help my friends when they are sad, like one day my friend called me, and she was crying. I asked my parents if they could drive me over there and once they said yes they took me immediately. When we got there she and I talked and she felt better.

I know I am adventurous because I love to try new things, like one time my friend asked me to go on vacation with her family . I said I would like to go and I had a great time.

Leslie shows that she is athletic whenshe said, "she could be the fastest runner in the fith grade when school opened up. "

Leslie shows she is imaginative when she says, "it could be a magic country, and the only way you can get there is by swinging across an enchanted rope".



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