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We are worried that Yosemite National Park is letting in to many visitors at one time. The extreme number of visitors are then not only littering, but their car exhaust is also polluting the air

The air pollutions in the park would cause the plants and the animals to die over time ,beacuse it would destroy the food chain and populations could drop immensley and some species would overpopulate.

Every day, about 4,500 cars are let into Yosemite National Park. If every car lets off a large amount of exhaust, imagine how much exhaust is let off into the atmosphere every day.

If we keep polluting the way that we are, the future will be horrible for national parks. All the animals will be dead from all of our littering, and the air quality will be horrible.

Even though most people aren't doing much to help this problem, some companies are trying. Ford and Transportation Interpreter are trying to create alternative transportation systems inside the parks, such as trains, trams, and ferries. People should be concerned about this because it is effecting not only nature around us, but the food chain as well. Inoccent animals are being affected by what we are doing, and if we don't stop, they will die from our actions.


By Nicolette Bahr and Lucy Rickerson


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