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Lucy Hobbs Taylor

Lucy Hobbs Taylor was born on March 14, 1833 in Constable, New York. She passed away at the age of 77 on October 2, 1910. Taylor was the seventh child out of ten in her family. During this time in history, women were only seen by society as mothers, teachers, and nurses. Taylor spent 10 years teaching at a elementary school in Michigan, however eventually she would leave this occuptation to follow her dream of becoming a dentist.

Pushing Through



Early Life

Even though Taylor was denied admission to dental school she refused to take no as a answer. Taylor pursued a apprenticeship with Dr. Samuel Wardie at his new office. However, after her apprenticeship when she applied again to the Ohio College of Dental Surgery she denied admission once again. In 1861, Taylor decided to open up her own practice at the age of 28, which was common practice for the time. Then in 1862, she decided to move her practice to Believue, Iowa. Finally in November of 1865, Taylor was admitted to the senior class of Ohio College of Dental Surgery.

In July of 1865, Taylor was accepted into the Iowa State of Dental Society as a member and delegated to the American Dental Association Covention in Chicago. Also, Taylor was the first women in US history to earn a doctorate in dentistry.

In 1859, Taylor moved to Cincinnati to try to pursued the occupation of dentistry, however due to her gender she was denied admission at Eclectic College of Medicine and Ohio College of Dental Surgery.


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1833 - Lucy Hobbs was born 1849 - Graduated from Franklin Academy in Malone, New York1859 - Moved to Cincinnati, Ohio 1861- Opened practice 1862 - Moved practice 1865 - Admitted 1866 - First women to recieve doctorate in occupation 1867 - Established joint practice in Lawrence 1910 - Died of a stroke

Lucy Hobbs Taylor



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