Lucy Adams....... Grace O'Malley

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Lucy Adams....... Grace O'Malley

Poverty in America By: Grace O'Malley and Lucy Adams6b 11/17/11 pictures from Google)

Dear Mr. President, Would you be able to help our community to help those who are in poverty.Get more food drives.Have more people help and donate clothes,food and money. You could support a bill that would raise minimum wage. It be a reasonable price, so that people would be able to pay rent, bills and pay for food.

Dear President Obama, Poverty in America is very heart breaking and sad.Also 15.1 families are in poverty and most of those people have lost their jobs. In 2010 it was said to be the poverty rate yet.The economy has been so bad that so many peole have lost their jobs because of this. A lot of people have helping families and people through this hard time.People have donated to the Light House Shelter and soup kitchens. Many families are very thankful for everyone's help and some people sleep at soup kitchens that allow them to sleep there.Most people are making minimum wage so they can't pay for their own food and drinks so a lot of people are dying. Could you help everyone in poverty and make a difference in our country.

I think "Opening our Doors to Christ" relates to poverty because we should always open our doors for everyone. Open doors for all of God's creations. You should always be welcoming even if you made a mistake our you don't care for a person,but you should always be nice to them. We should welcome those in poverty into soup kitchens or Light House Shelters.If you know someone in need or you have seen someone in need say a prayer for them.

PrayerDear God, Please help all of the people in need. Help peolpe who are poor, need homes,starving, and need warmth. Let God help allthe people who have made poor mistakes and are willing to help others to be safe. Watch over everyone including wealthy, poor, and safe people who are helping people in poverty.

''Opening our doors to Christ'' is realted to poverty because we open our hearts to those in poverty. And God has opened his doors and let us come on so we should do the same thing for the less fortunate. It's very important to help and love all those in poverty so we can welcome them to Christ. It also realtes to this because we need to everyone and open our door for those in poverty.



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