Lucretia Mott

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Lucretia Mott

-pages 252-254 History Alive! The United States textbook-

Lucretia Mott


Lucretia Mott is a famous American reformer born in 1793. Being a quaker, she had already been against racial discrimination and segregation in churches. She was a mother with four children when she went to an anti-slavery convention in London. There, the women weren't allowed to speak at the covention and had to sit together, away from the men. These action brought Lucretia Mott, 47 years old at the time, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a 25 year old, together. They made arrangements for a meeting to take place about women's rights. This was the start of trying to get equal rights for women. Lucretia Mott died in 1880.


Eight years after the covention in London,Lucretia Mott and Elizaberth Stanton helda convention in Seneca Falls, New York. It would be the first convention promotingwomen's rights. Many abolitionists and reformers attended. There, they created a new version of the Declaration of Independence, the Declaration of Sentiments. This declaration included women's rights alongside the statements made in the Declaration of Independance. This was what started the fight for women'srights. When the American Equal Rights Association was created in 1866, Mott was their first president. Lucretia Mott continued to tell the world about gender equality and fight for women's rights for the rest of her life.

Timelineof Events

1793- Lucretia Mott was born in Nantucket, Massachusetts1833- Mott helped make the Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society1840- met Elizabeth Cady Stanton at an anti-slavery covention in London1848- Mott and Stanton host the first women's rights covention1866- became the first president of the American Equal Rights Association1880- died in Pennsylvania

Lasting Impact

Lucretia Mott affected the worldfor women greatly. Alongside Elizabeth Cady Stanton, she wasresponsible for the start of recognizing how bad women's rights were. She caused positive change in the country for all citizens.Without this reformer, women couldstill not have equal rights.

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