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Lucky Louie

Many people thought Louis Zamperini would not live long beyond his formative years, and on many occasions they were almost right. As a child of immigrants, Zamperini was often in trouble with the authorities, until a police officer suggested that Louis use his fleet feet for sport instead of mischief.


—Jan 26, 1917 – Born in Olean, NY327 Coleman Street-Feb, 1933 – Louis began competitive running-Aug 7, 1936 – Ran in the Berlin Olympics-Sept 29, 1941 – Louie joined the Army.May 27, 1943 – The plane that they were searching for crashed on the way to Canton from Kualoa-July 13, 1943 – Landed at Wotje in the Marshall Islands-Sept 15, 1943 – Yokohama, Japan (on the eastern coast of Honshu) to Ofuna-Oct, 1945 – Long Beach airport (reunited with family)

-He qualified to run on the 1936 Olympic team by tying the world record holder in the 5000 meter run. At the Games in Berlin, he was America's top finisher in the event, covering the final lap in an astounding 56 seconds.-Prisoner of War Survivor. Overcame all odds. -Married Cynthia Applewhite and had one daughter together.

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"I'd made it this far and refused to give up because all my life I had always finished the race."


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Lucky Louie





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