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Lucia Dulová

New Trends in IT

Business of ApplicationsThe way we build software is changing. Mimicking the shift in the consumer world, enterprises are rapidly moving from applications to apps.

3D Printing will begin to revolutionize productionIt is predicted that the rise in popularity, along with the drop in pricing of 3D printers would move product production closer to home.

Intelligent systems, assistive devices will improve healthIndividual health is encouraged with the development of intelligent systems, apps, gadgets, and mobile systems that focus on diet, exercise, and information provision. Medication, surgery, and assistive devices rely on intelligent systems to analyze data and human responses, guiding the implementation and management of therapies and interventions.

Telework/Virtual Offices With cloud computing capabilities and other advances in office connectivity growing by leaps and bounds, companies worldwide are realizing the cost-saving benefits of virtual office environments.


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