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Luan Santana

Luan Santana

Origin:Campo Grande Genre: SertanejoYears Active :He became successful in 2007, but only started making their shows in 2008 was when his schedule began to get crowded.Members: Luan Santana

Need when the story of the singer Luan Santana, who was born in 1991, began, it is a difficult task, because the three-year-old in his hometown of Campo Grande - MS, it already drew attention of the whole family with the tuned chords of country songs that kept cantar.Percebendo his talent, his father gave away a guitar, to further encourage the little singer. From that moment the performances gained an added attraction, Luan and sang 'tried' strumming some musical notes on the instrument, which has become inseparable from that. In January 2009, it launched the second career CD which included the production of Ivan Myazato and had songs chosen by the singer himself, who made sure to include hits like "I'm the Man"; "Meteor"; "My Mouth You do not Beija More" and "The Mad".


2013- Our tiome is today 2013 - The best so far 2014 - Duets 2015 - acoustic


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2009 - 'M face2009 - Luan Santana -live action2011 - Luan Santana - Rio de Janeiro 2012-When the night Comes


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