LT731 Assignment 13

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Computer Graphics

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LT731 Assignment 13

Follow this link to an example of an animation using!

Digital videos are also known as digital storytelling. This is video captured by a video camera and used to create a story that can be shared. Digital storytelling can be used in the classroom in a number of ways. These include presenting information from a research project, creating a how to speech, "A Day In The Life" movies and more! Students enjoy making digital stories. They make learning and creating fun and relevant.

Digital images are still pictures that are taken with a camera or other picture taking device such as a smart phone or digital camera. They can be used for a variety of reasons in a classroom. Some of these include expressing ideas, practicing photography skills, displaying appropriate behavior, etc. I have used this image to display student work! I use these to put on my website so students can show pride in their work!

Multimedia Tools

Why use them?

A screenshot is an image of applications that are on your computer desktop. I have used them in my teaching for a few differen things. One time I used them for a How To presentation in my staff meeting. I was able to use them to walk staff through the steps of how to add comments to students' report cards. THere are a number of other ways to use in the classroom as well.

Podcasts are audio recordings with the option of video where people subscribe to listen to the "episodes" you record. These can be used in instruction to give feedback, give lessons to absent students, conduct interviews, hold live, online discussions, and student created projects.

Web 2.0 tools are internet based programs that provide students with opportunities to present information in new ways, collaborate with students, and create real life, orginal products. Two examples include Whiteboard and animation. These can be used in the classroom to allow for creativity and motivation in your studens. They provide new opportunities to learn and create!



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