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My story on how I witnessed my friend going through addiction to LSD. My friend was one of kinds of people, that people looked up to. Nice, smart, someone who wouldn't let anyone sit at the lunch table alone. He was the kind of person where you didn't think drugs could take over his life. It all started with drinking and smoking pot. It soon grew to smoking pot every night, Getting that high was his goal and when smoking pot wasn't enough for him to get his high, he began popping pills. He would go to partys where a pharm bowl up for grabs. (A Pharm bowl is a mixture of drugs.) When popping pills wasn't enough. He decided one day, he would choose to buy some LSD, That day would change his whole life. His whole life revoled around LSD after that. He got a job so he could pay for his addiction, he began to push his friends away and started to hang out with his (Drug buddies.) After one month of using LSD, He was changing his mood and how he treated other people. About one month ago I got a text from my friend, it was him asking for some money because his pay check didn't come for another 2 days. I asked why he needed the money and he began raging at the fact, I had to ask why. Where was the friend that helped me through my problems. Where was the person that helped everyone with their math homework. Now it was just the drugs talking. My friend is still addicted to this drug but I was able to get some help for him. If you know anyone who is struggling with the addiction of drugs, please find them help using the hotline number above or tell a trusted adult.

LSD is a drug that mess's with the mind, It leads people to believe they are in a different world. You are able to stay trapped in this fake world for years to come if you overdose/ don't come back. LSD can also give you trips back to your crazy world, even after years of not using the drug.

Information LSD- Also known as Acid, Cip and Zen. Form- The drugs are put on stamps, stickers, and paper laced with LSD. They are also in pill form. A hit of LSD costs around $10. So if you have to pay 10 bucks everytime, you need to get high. You end up losing a lot of money, just using 5 times will result in $50 down the drain.

Toll free hotline- 800- 784-6776


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