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LSD is made from a fungus called ergot that grows on rye and other grains. It can be made synthestically in a lab from lysergic acid. It was orgionally discovered by a chemist named Albert Hoffman from the ergot fungus.

Medical UsesLSD was created in 1938 when doctors were trying to find a medical use for ergot. In the 1960's LSD was used therapeutically.

How is LSD taken? - ...tablets that are swallowed - ...dissolved into water-...sprayed or coated on a sheet of paper that is licked or eaten -...laced into food

LSD lysergic acid diethylamide


Also known as ACID.

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Short Term Effects:1. Increased heartrate, heart beat, hyperventalation, raised body pressure, and persperation2. Panic, anxiety, paranoia, irrational behaviors3. Symptoms can be unpredictable4. User feels the first effect 30-90 minutes after taking it5. Loss of appetite

Long Term Effects: 1. Anytime for the rest of your life, you can crack the back of your next and all the effects will reoccur as if you are having a high then2. Effect cells called nurons that communicate brain to body3.mental issues that mimick schitzophrenia4. flashbacks that are mild visual effects5. increase the release of substance called glutamate that effects memory, attention. awareness, language, and concienciousness


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