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LSD - Health Project

LSD or lystergic acid diethylamide

Street NamesAcidLoony ToonsTabZenGolden DragonCalifornia SunshineDotsHeavenly BluePurple HeartSuperman

Short Term EffectsDilated pupilsSweatingLoss of appetiteHigher body temp.Increased heart rate

Long Term EffectsHallucinationsPanic AttacksSevere DepressionImpaired perceptionFlashbacks/recurrences of an LSD "trip"

How It's UsedUsually Orally-tablets-capsules-absorbent paperOccasionally-liquid form


Don't Do Drugs!

History of LSD-1st developed November 16,1938-created by Albert Hofmann (a Swiss chemist)-was being developed as a possible circulatory and respiratory stimulant-ergot was once used to induce childbirth-discovered as a hallucinogen in 1943

Addiction-highly addictive-a psychological addiction-effects last about 12 hours-LSD is a psychoactive hallucinogenic drug

Famous UsersDoc EllisEminemJerry GarciaSteve JobsJack Nicholson


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