LS - Simpson Desert

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LS - Simpson Desert

Plants in the Simpson Desert are limited to drought-resistant shrubs and grasses.Some plants that inhabit the Simpson Desert are the spinifex, eucalyptus coolabah trees and mitchell grass.

Aboriginal people have lived in the Simpson Desert for thousands of years and speak many different languages.They usually travelled through the desert after rain when the weather was more favourable and knew where to find water.They also had wells which could be up to 10m deep.

The Simpson Desert is a hot, dry desert located in Central Australia and is semi-arid.

It covers 176,500 square-kilometres and takes up 2.3% of Australian landmasses.

The Simpson Desert rainfall is less than 200mm a year.Underneath the desert is the Artesian Basin which rises to the surface at springs around the desert.

The Simpson Desert

Human use of the Simpson Desert includes people going on 4WD trips across the desert and park rangers that control the Simpson Desert National Park.

Animals in the Simpson Desert have adapted to the hot, dry environment.Some animals that inhabit the Simpson Desert are the Kowari, Water-holding Frog, Freckled Duck and Silver Gull.

Desertification is the reduction of land in arid and dry areas.This is caused by climate and human activities.


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