Lowood Institution - Jane Eyre

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Lowood Institution - Jane Eyre

Lowood Institution is a school for orphaned girls and is run by Mr. Brocklehurst. The school has cold rooms, terrible food, and very thin and plain clothing.

Lowood Institution

Jane Eyre is sent away to the Lowood boarding school by Mrs. Reed.

Jane EyreBy: Charlotte Brontë

As Jane is stuggling, she meets Miss Temple. Miss Temple becomes one of the most infulencial people in her life by helping boost her confidence and selfesteem.

While at Lowood, Jane befriends Helen Burns. Helen is frequently punished, but accepts it and tries teaching Jane to love the enemies.

Jane recieves an excellent education and is also inspired to become a governess. She is at Lowood for a total of eight years before she gains interest in the outside world, and decides to apply for jobs and leave Lowood.


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