Lowell Mills

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Lowell Mills

The Girls' Boarding Houses


The students were provided with three different activities. First, they went into the cotton room and had to try to pull seeds from the cotton. Then they went into the map room and saw how the land and water around the mills had changed over many years. Finally, they went into the dress-up room and got to wear clothing like the people who worked in the mills.

On Friday, May 15th, the Birch Meadow Third Graders traveled to the Lowell Mills. We learned about the Industrial Revolution and the textile mills that were built along the Merrimack River.

Only one boarding house remains. The students were able to walk through the house, view what kind of food the girls used to eat and where they slept. They also learned that most of the money they earned working in the mills went to their keeper, who cooked all of their meals.

Third Grade Goes to the Lowell Mills

By 1850 the mills in Lowell were annually producing enough cloth to circle the earth twice!


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