Low Incidence Disabilities

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Low Incidence Disabilities

By: Jenna Creighton

Autism Spectrum DisordersDevelopmental disorder that affects verbal and nonverbal communication and social interaction. Can cause social, communication and behavior changes. Traumatic Brain Injury An accquired injury to the brain that can cause limited function of limbs, emotional issues, abnormal speech loss and loss of thinking ability. DeafnessHearing impairment that adversely affects lingustic processing through hearing.

Scheduled breaks Predicatable schedules Clear expectations Appropriate seating Classroom buddy Graphic organizers Clear goals Behavior intervention plan Alone time Structured environment

Autism Modifications

Low Incidence Disabilities


Noise reduction Appropriate seatingVisual supplements Real-time speech translations (ipad) Scheduled breaks Step-by-step instructions Check for understanding Classroom buddy Captioning or scripts

Deafness Modifications

With all of these disabilities each child is affected differently, each case should be handled differently. Modified work should be given if needed. Extra time and breaking down large tasks as well. Although these disabilities are considered low incidence we should be prepared to affectivly teach the students with these disabilities.

Small group instructionMinimization of auditory and visual stimulation Close access to materials Gain attention before speaking Frequent repetition Utlize student's best sensory modality Graphic organizers Short and frequent quizzes


TBI Modifications


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