Low-Incidence Disabilities

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Low-Incidence Disabilities

Descriptions Deaf-BlindnessCause: genetic chromosomal syndromes, prenatal conditions, and postnatal conditionsAffects: the ability to access information, communicate, and navagate the environmentAutism Causes: there are many theories but it is thought to be a genetic brain disorder Affects: social interaction, communication and repetitive patterns of behavior, cognitive and sensory deficits Physical Disabilities: Cerebral PalsyCause: brain injury before birth, during birth, or during the first few years after birthAffects: the brain's ability to control muscles

Low-Incidence Disabilities


3 Exaples

1) Deaf-Blindness 2) Autism 3) Physical Disabilities


Introduction Video

Deaf Blindness

Physical Disabilities

Differences: Physical abilities, social, emotional, cognitive deficits

Similarities: Difficulty with communicating, social interaction, navigating the world


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