Low Incidence, Disabilites

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Low Incidence, Disabilites

Deafness range from mild to severe slow literacy rate, early intervention needed, the use of residual hearing to learn and an interpreter may assist in communication. Students may watch mouth and body language when speaking, may use hearing aid for auditory assistance. Instructor need to face individual when speaking and use visual aids and preferential seating. Blind impairment in vision is when visual field of 20 degrees or less which causes limited mobility, interaction with environment, delayed language development, and social isolation. Early intervention is required and teacher collaboration with special education teacher. The incorporation of enlarged print, magnification devices, preferred seating and verbal desription for the use of visual informtaion.



Low Incidence Disabilites ...

Why ?

Affects child's educational performanceCaused by external physical force injury to the brain Caused by genetic, prenatal, or postnatal conditionsMay have language, social, emotional, processing information and communication barriers


Traumatic brain injury due to external physcial force resulting in total or partial disability affecting child's educational performance impairments in cognition, language, memory, psychosocial behavior, physcial functions and speech

Students must received services and material including braille, specialized equipment and technology in order to allow equal access to the curriculum. These specialized services will enable them to be most effective and compete with their peers. These children will be given a full range of program options and support services from their IEP team. The team will select the most appropriate placement in the least restrictive environment for each student with impairment. There must be adequate and ongoing specialized personnel programs to train staff and enhance parent education in order to address the unique academics and impairments.




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