Loving Cuba: Ernest Hemingway

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Loving Cuba: Ernest Hemingway

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Mr. Hemingway became a fixture of Havana, He stayed in the country knowing the relationship between Cuba and United States. He had a boat in Cuba named Pilar. He used to fish everytime in his boat. He enjoyed the island lifestyle. He married Ms. Mary Welsh in Cuba.

Ernest Hemingway fas an American novelist born in July 21, 1899 in Oak Park, Illinois. He went to Oak Park and River Forest High school. Mr. Hemingway didnt go to college, he moved to Kansas and in October of 1917 he started working as reporter in Kansas City star. He enlisted as a volunteer in World War 1 as an ambulance driver until he was wounded. When he got back to U.S. he moved to Paris, Were he met E. Pound, Pablo Picasso, J. Joyce y G. Stein among others. He participated is the Spanish Civil war, and World war 2, He used his experiences in war to write books.

Loving Cuba: Ernest Hemingway

Mr. Hemingway lived in Habana, Cuba for 20 years. He loved Cuba. He used to go to the bar in Habana every time. He wrote part of the Old man and the sea in Cuba. He said "I always had good luck writing in Cuba " because he felt that he was home.


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