Love You Forever

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Love You Forever

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Peritextual Elements:The cover sets the reader up for an expectation of an adventure of a michievous boy. The back cover is not a wrap around continuation. I believe it could have been my powerful and fun it had continued the front cover illustration. Although the dedication is simply two names, when you dig deeper it has great meaning. It is a dedication to the authors 2 still born children. I love that the author places a list of his other book on the end page.

Individual Images:This image is powerful for any parent reading this story. Many parents including myself have shed a tear thinking about how we wish we could cuddle and hold our grown children once more. The ladder in the background shows the lengths this mother will go to to be able to hold her son close.

Elements of Design:One of the elements in designing this book that I love is the seperation of illustrations on the right page and text on the left page. This separation can make reading the text easier without the illustration distracting the reader. I love the details in each illustration showing just how messy this boy was. I love the timeline of the story allows the reader to watch this baby grow into a grown man.

Overall Picturebook: The cover of this book gives the overall impression that the story will be about a busy and slightly michievous little toddler. The cover is humorous, attractive and colorful. The picture makes the reader curious about the inside text. The inside illustrations flow well from the cover continuing the readers interest.

Narrative Elements:The structure of the text is both chronological and repetitive. The story takes us through the life of an infant and ends when he is a grown man. The author displays early on that the little boy does not appreciate his mother as he should. By the end of the story the reader is lead to believe his mother dies, and he goes home and holds his own infant with a greater appreciation of a parents role.

Critical Analysis:This book is primarily about a mother and her son and the evolution of their relationship. A parent will understand the strange facinaction the mother had with watching and holdin gher son. To a non-parent it could seem creepy or stalker like. I do miss seeing other male figures (dad, uncles, grandfathers) in this story. It could lead the reader to believ only a mothers love is this strong.

Interesting Fact About This Book!The author was inspired to write this book by tradegy he experienced in his own life. The author, Robert Munsch, wrote this book for his two babies that were still born. When Robert first attempted to get this book published he was turned down by his publisher. He persisted and was sucessful in having it published by another publisher. This book has sold over 15,000,000 since first published in 1986.

Works Cited:Munsch, Robert. 1995. Love You Forever. Retrieved 02/01/15.

Author Robert Munsch was born in 1945 in Pittsburg, Pa as 1 of 9 children. He struggled in school almost flunking 1st-5th grades. He studied to be a priest for 7 years before realizing his passion was being a preschool teacher. He was encouraged to document the stories he told the children and get them published. After much encouragement he finally did!


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