Love The Environment

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Environmental Studies

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Love The Environment

Love the environment<3 <3 <3

Alexis Lemos / Science 6th period

Links to help the environment:

What’s my Carbon Footprint?"Your estimated greenhouse gas emissions are21tonsof carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent per year, which isbelowthe U.S. national average."

How can I change the way I do things and reduce my imprint to help Earth? 1. I will turn the water off when I brush my teeth and wash the dishes by hand to conserve the water supply.2. If the clothes I wear aren't dirty, I will save them to wear for another day instead of washing them and wasting water.3. I understand that many things I do in just one day can use up a lot of water, so I will wash my dog in an area of my lawn that needs water to help that part of it grow!4. I will turn off all the lights in my house that I don't need and unplug all the stuff I'm not using to save more electricity.


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