Love Letters to the Dead

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Love Letters to the Dead

Love Letters to the Dead

Glog by: Alicia Rose

About the StoryLove letters to the dead is a book about a girl named Laurel whose sister has died several months before she had started going to highschool. Laurlel's letter begins when her English teacher asked her class to write letters to a dead person, Laruel chose to write letters to Kurt Cobain, beacuse like her sister, he also had died at a young age. Some other people to whom she had wrote to were; Amy Winehouse, Janice Joplin, and Amelia Earhart.She tells them how her life is in highschool, how her friends are, her family life,and even the fist time she fell in love. She also tells them her grief over her sister's death. While writing these letters, Laruel had a hard time grieving because she felt that she had been abandoned by her sister. Her sister had played an importnt role in her life. And now that she died, she felt very empty. Slowly she learned more about her sister's life and was able to come into terms with her death and was able to grieve and learned to know her own personality herself.

Additional InformationLove letters to the dead has recieved many great reviews, it has been nominated for Goodreads Choice Awards, it is used to teach grief lessons, the author has been interviewed by USA Today, and there is a talk of a possible movie coming out which will be produced by Fox 2000 and might be directed by Cathrine Hardwicke (producer of Twilight movies).Dellaia's next book "17 Years" is said to be coming out in 2018. It is about a story a mother and daughter at the time when they were both at the age of 17.

About the AuthorAva Dellaria was born in Los Angeles. She moved to Albuquerque ,New Mexico as a young child and spent the rest of her childhood there. After her mother died unexpectedly, the idea to start the book “Love letters to the Dead” was made. Ava graduated from the University of Chicago and got her MFA (Masters in Fine Arts) degree from the Iowa Writers Workshop where there she studied poetry. When she graduated university she then moved to Los Angeles and was lucky enough to get a job for the writer Stephen Chbosky (writer of The Perks Of Being a Wallflower). He was the one who encouraged her to write a book after he saw some of her work. That was when she began working on "Love letters to the Dead. "She now lives in Santa Monica in a small apartment by the beach.


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