[2014] dmeredithmarquez: Louisiana Purchase Smackdown

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[2014] dmeredithmarquez: Louisiana Purchase Smackdown

During the mid 1700's France was a dominant force in America, controlling more land than any other European country. However, the French-Indian War forced France to give up its land to Spain and Britain. In 1801, The Louisiana Territory was secretly returned to the French by Spain. Due to a desire for westward expansion and control of the port of New Orleans, America, represented by Robert Livingston, began to negotiate with France. After quick negotiations, America agreed to pay roughly $15 Million total for the 828,000 square mile Louisiana Territory.

April 30, 1803

1762- France Cedes Louisiana Territory to Spain1801-Louisiana Purchase Secretly Given Back to FranceMay 2, 1803-Treaty Signed to Transfer Louisiana TerritoryDecember 1803-France Officially transfers Control of Louisiana Territory1812 - Louisiana Becomes a State

The treaty which authorized the transfer of the Louisiana Territory from France to America was dated April 30, 1803. However, the Treaty was not signed until May 2, and the Territory itself was not officially transferred to President Thomas Jefferson and America until December of that year after it had been ratified in October.

Lasting Impact

For less than 3 cents per acre, America gained 828,000 square miles of land and began expanding westward


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