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Louise Brooks


1960- Born November 141910- First stage role Cherryvale Church1922- Joins Denishawn Dance Company1924- Begins a job as a chorus girl, New York/moves to Europe1925- New York, joins Zeigdeld Follies, appears in first film The Street of Forgotten Men1926- Marries director Eddie Sutherland, appears in A social celebrity, It’s the Old Army Game, The Show-Off, Just Another Blond, Love Em and Leave Em, 1928- A Girl in Every Port, Beggars of Life, The Canary Murder Case1929- France/Germany, Diary of a Lost girl, Prix de Beaute1933- Marries Deering Davis1936- Empty Saddles1938- Overland Stage Raiders1940- Opens a dance studio1943- New York, radio work1956- First published article “Mr. Pabst”1971- Pandora’s Box1983- Lives a solitary existence1985- Dies August 8th in New York

She danced with the Denishawn Company in 1922–24 and appeared in Florenz Ziegfeld's Follies on Broadway in 1925. Acted in Hollywood films as Howard Hawks's A Girl in Every Port (1928) and William Wellman's Beggars of Life (1928). Pandora’s Box 1929 marked the peak of her career. Her innocent eroticism, and beautiful features made her a film icon symbol of the flapper of 1920s.

Best Known for

Louise Brooks was a silent-film actress known for bringing a sense of corrupt sensuality to her roles.

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Louise Brooks

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Pandora's Box 1929


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