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Louise Arner Boyd

Louise Arner Boyd grew up in San Rafael, California. She was very adventurous, and lived a privileged life with her parents and two older brothers. Both her brothers passed a few months apart from each other, her parents were devastated, and relied on Louise heavily for support. Her parents passed away shortly after one another, and left their fortune to Louise. She was now free to travel and do as she wished. She began to travel to and explore places of the earth that no woman had visited before. She wrote two books, worked for the Government on secret missions, and was even the first woman to fly over the North Pole. She died in 1972 at the age of 85.

-Department of Army Certificate of Appreciation (1949)-Executive Committee of the San Francisco Symphony-Honorary law degree from the University of California, Berkeley and from Mills College-Second woman ever to receive the Cullum Medal of the American Geographical Society -Honorary member of the California Academy of Science

"The Girl Who Tamed the Arctic"

1924- Saw polar ice pack for the first time. 1928- Expedition for lost explorer Roald Amundsen 1931- The Greenland Expeditions1937- Northeast of Norway Expeditions1941- US Government Mission1955- First woman to fly over North Pole







"The Hobby"


Titles of Boyd's BooksThe Fiord Region of East Greenland (1935)The Coast of Northeast Greenland (1948)

"Ice Woman"



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