Louise Arner Boyd

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Louise Arner Boyd

Louise Arner Boyd by Yonah

American Explorer Louise Arner Boyd was born September 16, 1887 in San Rafael California, USA. She is a known as the ice woman for

repeatedly taking pictures and wandered the Arctic Ocean. Louises favorite thing to do was to travel. She enjoyed very much visiting Norway. On her 2nd trip to Norway Louise hunted polar bears and took pictures of animals.

In 1928 a famous explorer named Roald Amundsen was missing in the Arctic. Boyd dared to go look for him. She led a group about 10,000 miles but still did not find him!

Evan though Boyd failed her search, for trying she got awarded the Chevalier Cross of the Order of Saint Olav by the Norwegian Government.

In 1931 Boyd led a series of scientific trips to the Arctic.In some trips Boyd explored the Greenland northeast coast. She also studied glaciers including the famous de Geer Glacier.

Boyd became famous when she explored De Geer Glacier!

In 1937 The American Geographical society Sent Boyd and her team back to Greenland to study. She photographed animals and plants.

In 1937 she discovered underwater mountains in the Arctic Ocean!

After World War Two started Boyd agreed to help the government. In 1941 Boyd traveled back to Greenland.This time Boyd studied how the forceful magnetic fields. At the North Pole change radio signals.

When Boyd was 68 years old she amazingly flew across the North Pole. People were surprised since everyone thought it was impossible. This flight took 16 hours on a DC-4 airplane.

Boyd died sadly in San Francisco CA at the age of 85 in 1972.



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