Louis XVI Of France

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Louis XVI Of France

1. Louis was the last king of France before the French Republic2. Louis aided the Americans during the American Revoloutionary War3. Louis started the French Revoloution because France was in debt and he said not to the people when they asked for more of a desicoins for government desicions4. The people rebelled and they went to the local armories, stole weapons, and attacked the bastille to take gun powder5. Louis was executed on January 21, 1793 and his wife Mary Antoinette nine months later on October 16, 17936. When Louis was a child an astrologer told Louis to always be on his gaurd on the 21st of every month

POD List?

I think he should be on the POD list because of how interesting he was. France would have been very different if he wasn't king. For example their flag would be different and there might not have even been a republic in France without him.


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French Revoloution Video

Louis XVI Of France

Ranked Correctly?

I think Louis is ranked correctly because he is not nearly as important as for example Jesus. Although he did have a big impact on France but not even close to the world. Many people do know about him and without him things might have been different in other places. Louis was truly an interesting person.


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