Louis XIV

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Louis XIV


1638-Birth1643-Father dies making a toddler king1648-Parlement rebels against Cardinal1653-Cardinal Mazarin stops rebels1661- Mazarin dies, Louis gains the crown1667-invaded Spanish Netherlands1672-Franco-Dutch War begins1678-War ends1688-France fights Great Alliance1685-Ends Edict of Nantes1701-War of Spanish Succesion begins1714-War ends1715-Death

-Ended nobles power-Gave power to intendants-Helped by Colbert, France became more self-sufficient-Lived in extreme luxury-Made ballet more popular-Made France the most powerful country in the Europe-Made France the military leader of Europe -With thestrong militray, an empire of colonies was formed-Expanded France's boundaries






Louis XIV was born on September 5, 1638 to Louis XIII and Anne of Austria. Louis XIII died when Louis XIV was only 4 years old, but he still became king. Cardinal Mazarin was the true ruler though. The nobles of France hated the Cardinal and rose up with violent riots. They often threatened Louis' life, which made him angry and hateful toward them. When Mazarin died, Louis took power when he was 22 and became the Sun King. He wanted to be an absolute monarch, seeking out unlimited power to control all aspects of society. Like many absolute monarchs before him, Louis believed he had a divine right, meaning monarchs were representatives of God and only answered to Him. To become an absolute monarch, he first weakened the power of the nobles and gave more power the intendants, people who collected taxes and handed out justice. With the help of Jean Baptiste Colbert, France became more self sufficient. After Colbert died, Louis canceled the edict of Nantes, which ended the protection of the Huguenots. When he wasn't ruling the country, Louis lived in luxury, in his splendid palace in Versailles. Versailles became a center for art since Louis made ballet and art more popular. He changed the purpose of art to glorify himself and promote his absolutism. In 1667, Louis decided to invade the Netherlands to expand France's boundaries which resulted in gaining 12 towns, fighting a war from 1672-1678 against the Dutch, gaining a few more towns. Eventually, Europe banded together and matched the strength of France. War continued on in France and Louis had to bring up more taxes to finance the wars. Soon, the War of the Spanish Succession began in 1701 when European countries banded together to match the power of Spain and France and lasted till 1714. After the war, Louis regretted all the suffering he cause France and died of gangrene in Versailles France.


The legacy Louis XIV left behind was both good and bad. He had proved France's power to Europe and improved literature, art, and statesmanship. France was able to develop strong colonies under his power and provided good resources. However, all the war, taxes, and luxury Louis lived in threw France in debt.


-Abolute Monarch - a ruler who has unlimited power and seeks to control all aspectsof society-Divine Right - the idea that monarchs are God's representatives and only answer to Him


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