Louis Wain!

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Louis Wain!

(One of hisearliest paintings.)

Louis Wain!

Louis Wain wasborn augaust 5th1860 in Clerkenwell,United Kingdom.He was known for his kitten andcat paintings.

(Louis Wain became president of the national cat club after writing a book called "In animal land with Louis Wain.")

Louis Wain was also Diagnosed with Schizophrenia later on in his life. Schizophrenia is a mental disorder in which you can't tell things that are real, from things that are not. symptoms include delusions, like paranoia, hearing noises and voices that are not there.They might also have disorganized thinking and a lack of emotion.

Louis Wain was born with something called cleft lip.Cleft lip is when a certain part of the body isabnormaly developed. In Wains case it was his lip.Because of this he could not go to school untill he was ten.

I have chosen Louis WainBecause he has thesame interest incats as me!

"Intelligence in a cat is underrated."-Louis Wain.

By: NicholasKnight


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