Louis Sullivan - Seth Carson

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Louis Sullivan - Seth Carson

Louis Sullivan is an architect that was popular in the late 19th century and early 20th century. He used a nouveau style, often including it to decorate his buildings. These patterns are now his trade mark. He also was an architect during the rise of steel frames, which he included in many of his works, earning him the mantle "The Father of Skyscrapers."He also believed his first purpose in designing a building was usefulness first, then making it attractive. He is credited for coining the term "Form ever follows function." This term became very popular, with most modern architects following that creed.

Wainwright Building - 1890-1891

Louis SullivanBirth- 9/3/1856Death- 4/14/1924

The Babson House is one of the last projects done by Louis Sullivan during his decline. It was a brick bearing masonry house designed for Henry H. Babson in 1907 in Riverside Illinois. It is in a Richardsonian style and has strong crossing axes, creating the tiered look.

Babson House-Architecture1907



Bradley House - Architecture1909-1910

Seth Carson

Auditorium Building - Architecture1886-1890

Ex. of his trademark style-Store front of Carson Scott Dep Store


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