Louis Sullivan: Architect

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Louis Sullivan: Architect

Louis Sullivan


Jewlers' BuildingChicago Illinois 1881-1882

Louis Sullivan was born September 3, 1856 in Boston Massechusets. He entered MIT at the age of 16 and studied for one year there. He then went to Philadelphia to work with the architect Frank Furness. In 1873, he moved to Chicago, Illinois, stayed for a year then went to study in Paris. When he came back to the U.S. Sullivan became partners with Dankmar Adler, another architect. They first became famous as theater architects, then were known for office buildings. After breaking his partnership with Adler in 1894, Sullivan declined financially and eventually became an alcoholic. He got some comissions for building banks but never had the same success as before. Sullivan died in a hotel room on April 14, 1924.

Prudential (Guaranty) Building Buffalo, New York 1896

Father of Skyscrapers

Auditorium Building Chicago, Illinois 1889

People's Federal Savings and Loan Assosiation Sideny, Ohio 1917


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