Louis Riel:Hero

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Louis Riel:Hero

Louis Riel:HERO

Louis Riel protected the Red River Settlement and the Metis people because land speculators were trying to take over their land.

If it weren't for Louis Riel, the Manitoba Province would not exist and the Metis People would not be acknowledged by the government

Louis Riel is seen as one of the Father's of Confederation and the founder of the Province, Manitoba.

Louis Riel was a hero because he stood up for the rights of the Metis People. This was because the government did not give them any rights and they were constantly stripping them from their rights.

Riel set up the provisional rights for the government so it can be maintaned better and efficiently.

Louis Riel is a hero! Even if he had to take action to execute Thomas Scott. He had to stand up for the people who got ignored all their lives

Riel was determined to protect not just the Metis rights but the other groups that lived in the settlement also.

Riel and his people wanted to ensure that the settlers could preserve their culture and traditions and most of all, their rights.


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