Louis Philippe

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Louis Philippe

His rule was based on the support of the upper bourgeoisie, he ultimately fell from power because he could not win the allegiance of the new industrial classes.


L'entente cordiale.” ―Louis Philippe

"I cooperated with the British in forcing the Dutch to recognize Belgian independence."

Without the July Revolution, France would of never been able to overthrow Charles X and proclaim him King!

The July Revolution

Fun Fact: The dissonance between his positive early reputation and his late unpopularity was epitomized by Victor Hugo in Les Misérables as an oxymoron describing his reign as "Prince Equality".

Fearful of what had happened to Louis XVI, I quickly left Paris under disguise from the revolution of 1848. Riding in an ordinary cab under the name of "Mr. Smith", I fled to England.

The famous 1831 caricature of Louis Philippe turning into a pear would mirror the deterioration of his popularity


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