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Louis Pastuer

Louis Pastuer was born on December, 27 1822. He died on September, 28 1895.

Louis Pastuer

Louis' LifeLouis Pastuer was born in Dole France. His father, grand father and great grand father all worked as tanners or what you might could call "leather makers." Louis didn't have the urge to be a leather maker. He wanted to be a doctor.Louis became a doctor and worked with microorganisms or germs that are too small for the naked eye to see. The microrganisms may be small, but they have large effects on human bodies! Louis created what scientists call "The Germ Therory," which says that diseases are caused by microorgansms. That may seem basic, but remember Louis Pastuer was from the eighteen hundreds! If you don't know what microorganisms are, they are tiny living things on your body. Some of them can cause diseases.

Fun Facts:Louis Pastuer saved the life of little boy who had suffered an attack from a rabid dog. Louis gave him the vaccine before the symptoms were too bad, and the boy lived.The French thought that Louis was brilliant. They built an institute and named it after him: The Pastuer Instititute.

AccomplishmentsLouis made vaccines for diseases like anthrax, chicken cholera (KAH•luh•ruh), and rabies.

Pastuer Institute

Louis Pastuer starred in a TV episode of "Mr. Peabody and Sherman." Mr.Peabody and Sherman went back in time to 1846 and met Mr.Pastuer.

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