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Louis Pasteur


Early LifeThe only boy in the family- three sisters. His dad was drafted into the French army. Louis went to a local school. He was not the best student but exelled in drawing. Louis witnessed a rabid wolf attack that attacked people at random. Louis enrolled for a college but became homesick and went to a college near his hometown.

Later LifeLouis was the assistant professer of chemistry at the University of Satrasbourg.Had three children, one died in infancy. 1 boy 1 girl.Louis joined the national guard, Jeanne Patuer, Louis's mom, died of a burst blood vessel. Louis blamed himself saying to himself that he caused his mother to be worried. He married Marie Pasteur on May 29, 1894 at the age of 26.He had a siezure at the age of 45 causing him to be paralyed on the left side of his body. Sadly he died on September 28,1895 at the age of 72

Major Discoveries- Cure for Rabies and Anthrax- how to pastuerize milk and beer

Interesting Facts-Found cure for rabies- saved the moth species-discovered pasteurization

D.O.B December 27, 1822D.O.D September 28, 1895Born In Arobis,France


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