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Louis Pasteur

Louis PastuerCo-Studied Organisms

Family History & Background

Louis Pasteur was Born on December 27, 1822 small town in Dole,France. He went to a primary school and after went to college at École Normale Supérieure (1843–1845) and was an average student. After he was done with college he went to another college to become a teacher. Pasture has 5 children and died on September 28, 1895.

BirthPlace & Education

Personal achievements or triumphs

At age 16 his goal was to study and prepare and and enter the ecol normale. He was awarded his Bachelers Degree, Science Degree, Copley Medal, Albert Medal, Rumford Medal, Montyon Prizes, Leeuwenhoek Medal. He studied how certin crystals affected light and got really big on that. He found the cure for whine sickness

Pastuer stuided alot of organisms in his lab. While Pastuer was a scientists other scientists would try to challenge him to see who was the better scientist. When Pastuer was studying, him and other people would paint what he was doing.

Interesting Life Experiences

When Pastuer was a little boy he would go see his father work as a Tammer. A Tammer uses organisms, so when Pastuer went with his father to go to work he would like to look at the organisms and wanted to study them.

Influential Person

His father was a tammer, infact all of his family members were tammers since 1763. Pastuers grandfather started his own tammer company before Pastuer was born. However, Pastuers parents thought being a tammer was not suitable for him and encouraged him to become a teacher.Later inPasteus life he studied organisims to help cure diseases.


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