Louis Majorelle

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Louis Majorelle

Birth: 26 Sep. 1859Death: 15 Jan. 1926

Louis Majorelle

Biography Louis Majorelle was a leading exponent of the Art Nouveau style. He was a cabinetmaker like his father, as well as a French artist, furniture designer and ironworker. At the age of 18 he went to Paris to study at Ecole des Baux-Arts. His father died two years later, so he returned in order to manage the family workshop. In 1890 Majorelle began producing works in the Art Nouveau style, a different new style. He maintained craftsmanship as well as a modern works that increased production and kept low prices. Majorelle created many different kinds of furniture using polished woods and bronze mounts. Majorelle continured to produce his furniture in the Art Nouveau style after WWI until he died. His studio was manged by Alfred Levy afterwards.

A rare and important vitrine by, Louis Majorelle. Designed for the Jansen Showroom 1902 in Paris, France.

By: Vanessa Briseno

A French Art Nouveau case clock, featuring a carved design in walnut, and workihng barometer in the center.

Fireplace at Ville Majorelle, Louis Majorelle's home. He did not create it but he helped with the overall design.

Louis Majorelle hired someone else to build his home, Villa Majorelle. He did however, produce all of the ironwork, furniture, and woodwork

Video Corner:Top: Villa Majorelle, Pictures of his home.Right: Majorelle's work


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