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Louis Majorelle

Louis Majorelle was born in Toul, France on September 26, 1859. When he was young he spent most of his free time at his fathers workshop in Nancy were he learned how to build furniture.When he was eleven he sold his first piece of furniture. In 1877Majorelle went to study painting and architecture at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Two years later his father died and he decided to takeover his fathers company in Nancy, and he died on January 15, 1926.

Louis MajorelleBorn on September 26,1859Died on January 15, 1926Furniture DesginerBy: Kevin Castillo

Wall Cabinet

Nenuphar Bed

Mahogany Desk

Orchid Desk

Throughout Majorelle’s career , Majorelle used life-sized water lilies and orchids of gilt bronze and other materials. He would mount these decorative elements as integrated functional features, in the Orchid Desk or other pieces of furniture.


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