[2015] Louis Capozzoli: louis Charlottes Web

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[2015] Louis Capozzoli: louis Charlottes Web

Author: E.B. White

Title:Charlottes Web

Main Events Their are so many events in this story because it is really long story. One major event was Wilbur staying at the barn and metting Charlotte. Also if anyone saw the movie you will see that Wilbur was going to die. I know this is near the end of the story but still it was a major event to see Wilbur win the contest when Charlotte made all those webs for him. And finally we see that Charlotte dies alone and should be sad for everyone. At least her eggs hactch and three spiders stay at the barn.

Settings The settings in the story of Charlotte's Web takes place in a barn. Also it takes place in fair. Sadly there are not many places the main characters go because there in the barn.

The characters in Charlotte's Web are very interesting. One of the main characters is named Wilbur. He is pig that is very thankful to Charlotte. And another main charater is Charlotte A. Cavatica.She really cares about wilbur and would do anythig for him to save his life. Some other charaters are important. One of them is a girl name Fern and she also cares about Wilbur and she can hear the animals talking.

Book Report



What you think about the Book?

Charlottes Web looks like a happy and fun book. But there are bad things for the main charater. The main charater Wilbur was going to die. Mostly Charlotte was trying to make Mr.Zackurmen not kill him.

In the end of the story was really really sad and a littel bit good. The good thing is that Wilbur won't die. Also Charlotte's babies hatched. All most all of them go away but three stay. The horrible thing is Charrlotte dies all alone. She lived a good life and Wilbur never forgot her.

I thought this book was amazing. I think it is one of my favorite books of all time. A lot of people should read it or at least whatch the movie. I am happy I made a report about this and I will always love the book.

The climax is when Wilbur wins the county fair prize which is great and saves his life. This young adult literature has a Coming Of Age theme. The resolution is Charlotte dies but Wilbur has a lot of new best friends.Fern Arable is a girl who has a lot of care for Wilbur. As the story goes on she grows up and starts caring less about Wilbur.The barn animals were rude to Wilbur but they care about him a little bit more at the end of the story.The protaganist is Wilbur.



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