Louis Brandeis Biography

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Louis Brandeis Biography

In 1875, at age 18, Louis Brandeis went to college. He attended Harvard Law School, and graduated as a valedictorian in 1877 at age 20.

Early Life

Young Louis graduated high school at age 14.

~His Life~Born- November 13, 1856Death- October 5, 1941

Later, Louis travelled to Boston to set up a law firm with his former Harvard classmate Samuel Warren. They decided to call the business Warren and Brandeis.

A Biography on Louis Brandeis

Louis became known as the 'peoples' lawyer' because he fought for workers' rights and breaking up monopolies.

AccomplishmentsIn 1886, Louis helped to form the Harvard Law School Association, which was an alumni group. For many years, he served as secretary for this group.In 1924, Louis helped to formulate and develop the law school and general library for the University of Louisville.

Louis Brandeis died on October 5, 1941. Brandeis Unviersity is named in honor of him.

President Woodrow Wilson appointed Louis to the U.S. Supreme Court on January 18, 1916. On June 5, Louis became the first Jew to hold a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court.

FamilyLouis Dembitz Brandeiswas born in Louisville, Kentucky. His dad was Adolph Brandeis and mama was Frederika Dembitz. They were Bohemian Jews who had come to America in the aftermath of the European revolutionary movements of 1848.

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