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Louis Braille

Jan 4th 1809 ~ Jan 6th 1852Died at the age of 46

Louis started attending Royal Institution for Blind Youth because he wanted to read books. The school did have books for the blind but the books were hard to read (embossed). The library only had 14 books. So Louis was inspired to find a key to reading for himelf and the other blind people. He learned night writing from Captain Charles Barbier and developed dot code.

Louis lost his sight at the age of 3. He injured his eye accidently playing with his father's sharp tool. His eye got infected and few days later he lost his sight

Braille system was not recognized during Braille's life time but it recieved people's attention 100 years after his death. So in 1952 every news paper featured Louis Braille

Louis's father made leather horse saddles for living. Louis grew up helping his father so he was skilled at making things out of leather

"Braille is knowledge, and knowledge is power."

"Live without seeing, but be what you are."

Louis becane a regular teacher at the school he graduated and taught music, geography, math,and grammar.



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