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Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong lived in a fifty- cent-a-month shack in the black ghetto of New Orleans. His family seperated when he was five years-old. This caused Louis to grow up without a father. Louis developed a love for music when he was seven. He later started singing and made some money. Afterwards, he was taught how to play the bugle and that led to Louis playing the trumpet. Louis sang in the form of "Scat."


August 4, 1901 - Louis was born.June 28, 1928 - Louis records "West End Blues and changes music history.May 13, 1938 - Louis makes the song "When The Saints Go Marching In."June 28, 1928 - Louis Dies.

Louis Armsrong is most known for playing his trumpet and singing with his raspy-voice. He influenced millions of people to jazz in the 1940's. Louis sang a duet with Ella Fitzgerald and it became one of the most loved duets of the 1950's.


"We all do 'do, re, mi,' but you have to find all the other notes yourself." - Louis Armstrong


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Louis"Satchmo"ArmstrongBy: Knoah A. Bragg



"When The Saints Go Maching In" By: Louis Armstrong


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