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Louis Armstrong

Early LifeWhen Louis was 12 years old he fired a gun on new years.He was sent to Colored Waifs' Home for Boys for 2 years. While there he learned how to play the Cornet in the band, he quickly took the role as the leader. Armstrong learned a new way to play after leaving by his new mentor Joe "King" Oliver. Although , like his father, he only had a fifth grade education.

Louis Armsrong

FameLouis had recorded 37 songs while playing with King Oliver. By 1929 he was a major star. He was also one of the first to do "scat singing". At age 62 he was the oldest musicians in history to have a number one song. then in 1964 he won a Grammy-Award for " Hello Dolly". He played in about 9 bands and played in 5 different countries.

Home LifeIn 1919 Louis married Daisy Parker, then divorced her and married Lillian "Lil" Hardin in 1924. After he divorced Lil in 1936, he married Alpha Smith in 1938. Finally, he divorced Alpha and married Lucille Wilson in 1942. He stayed with Lucille untill he died in 1971.


Quotes"Every time this man puts a trumpet to his lips, even if it is to only practice three notes, he does it with his whole soul."~Leonard Bernstein"A notes a note in any language. And if you hit it - beautiful"~Louis Armstrong

ConnectionJust like the 1920's, Jazz and other genres of music are very popular. Musicians like Louis Armstrong are looked upon with high regard. We still award the Grammy to recognize the talent of musicians. Music now has taken on many different personalities and charecteristics, but it is still connected to its roots.


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