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Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong was indeded to his jazz music. He was the sound and voice of the 20th century. Louis early life was a difficult pill to swallow. He was born from his two parents, Mary Anne Amrstrong and Willie Armstrong. When he was five years old his parents got a divorce. He grew up with his sister, mother, and grandmother, in an arean known as the ' Battlefield' because of gambling, fighting, and police sirens at night. He soon got in to jazz by quiting school and joining a street singing group. In his childhood years, the French Quarter started, and created madness and chaos in New Orleans, which made early on life very hard. With his extraordinary abilites for his jazz skills and gravely, raspy voice, he instantly became famous.With the excitment of being famous, he quickly married his first wife Daisy Parker, who was a prostitue in Louisiana. Together, they adopted a three-year old boy, whose name became Clarence Armstrong. Four years later, and he fell in love with his pianist, Lillian Hardin and then married her. Then in 1938, He divorces Lillian and married his long time girlfriend Alpha, but that relationship didn't last long. Finally in 1942, he married his fourth wife Lucile Wilson, a singer. In his last decade of his life, he acted and performed like he has been his whole life. Sadly in 1971, He had a heart attack and died. Lucile decided to have him buried in New york, New York, in a cemetery called Flushing Cemetery. He is and will always be remembered as someone who was inspirational, by his heart felt performances as a major symbol of the musical life, and the entire cultural life of the 20th century.


Birth: New Orleans, Louisuanna. August 4, 1901Death: July 6th, 1971, in Corona, New York City, New York.

1965 - Grammy Award for Best Vocal Performances 1972 - Grammy Lifetime Acheivement Award 2007 - Grammy Hall of Fame 2008 - Grammy Hall of Fame 2010 - Grammy Hall of Fame 2013 - Independent Music Award for Best Album


Louis first became interested in jazz music, when a musician named Joe King Oliver, taught him how to play the cornet. "Louis Amrstrong is jazz. He represents what music is all about" -Wynton Marsalis.

Louis Armstrong


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