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Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong started impacting America because he really liked playing his trumpet and making music for his trumpet. As Louis Armstrong was playing his trumpet he wanted to sing to so he sang to with being a soloist, bandleader, film star, comedian.

Louis Armstrong started impacting America in New Orleans, LA. When he started impacting america Louis Armstrong became the wanderer of Jazz. Jazz started when he was around for example,he was kind of the the one that had started it. Louis Armstrong didn't actually start Jazz but he was a follower of the person who did. Louis practiced and practiced to play that Jazz

Louis Armstrong really liked to play his trumpet so he decided to be many types of a musician for example, He was a bandleader, a soloist, singer, film star, and a comedian. Louis Armstrong played classical music and jazz.

Louis Armstrong’s first ever concert was around 1922 when he played jazz with Oliver Creole’s jazz band. Louis armstrong’s second concert was in 1924 and he expanded his music beyond the traditional New Orleans style. Louis made many other songs after those 2 concerts for example, he made a song called “Winter Wonderland”.

Louis Armstrong Is a very good musician and he made people follow in his footsteps for example, he had inspired King George VI because his music was so good. Louis Armstrong also inspired many other people by being a soloist.

Louis Armstrong

To Jazz or not to Jazz there is no question

I dont need words,its all in the phrasing

Louis Armstrong


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