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Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong was born August 4th 1901 and he past away July 6th 1971. Louis recieved musical training in the 1920's, that's when he started playing the trumpet and scatting. His yearly income before he died was $20,666- $248,000. His adult hood was like a beginning of a new era of jazz. He was invited to play in a band with Joe ''King'' Oliver called creole jazz band. After two years he went to New York city to play with Fletcher Henderson at orchestra at the rose land ball room. So he started his dream playing around excellent musicians to start his successful carrer. The three most important contributions of Louis is his jazz vocals, scatting, and jazz it's self.

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Louis Armstrong's Childhood

Louis Armstrong

''Jazz Muscian''

"A Great scatter & trumpet player''

Louis Armstrongs child hood was not like a childs child hood should be. His father was a factory worker, but he abandoned Louis and his the rest of his family soon after Louis was born. His mother was a prostitute who frequently left Louis with his fragile maternal grandmother. He was obligated to leave school in the fifth grade to begin working.

Jazz Legend

Jazz Legend

1. ''What a wonderful world''2. '' Hello Dolly''3. '' Potato Head Blues''4. '' Heebie Jeebies''5. '' La vie en rose''

1. He died of a heart attack2. He started playing jazz when he was 11 years old3. He is one of the reasons jazz is still around today


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